About us

Amplituda d.o.o. was founded in 2002 with its mission to put the technological future at the palm of your hand. Our devotion is focused on the consulting services, designing, implementation and maintenance of the intelligent systems for controlling the residential and business objects based on the KNX technology.

Amplituda designs projects, implements and launches systems of the automated regulation, and, when necessary, Amplituda integrates and consolidates systems of automated regulation produced by different manufactures into one complete unified system, controlled by mobile devices, tablets and other touch interfaces.

Amplituda has a capital of knowledge and skills in various fields of electrical engineering and electronics. As a KNX partner with 15 years of experience in designing and installation of modern integrated systems for many prominent clients across Europe, we are proud of all of our projects delivered on time and within the agreed budget.

Our maintenance team makes sure that all of our systems work flawless, on a daily basis, in order to ensure the maximum user satisfaction to our clients.

Almost all of our projects include a segment that makes them unique.

When you perceive all of the possibilities that we can deliver, you express your wishes and requirements. To us drafting a tailor made solution represent a special challenge. We are capable of integrating all of the systems in your home into one unified, easy to control system. That way you are able to control all of the segments of the system through a touchscreen or a tablet, regardless of your age and technological skills.

Integration of all of the systems of a residence into a KNX system makes a complete smart house.