KNX sustav

KNX automation system’s gives solutions for the integration with the conventional installation technique, which means that all of the systems in the interior or exterior can be integrated into one controlling interface that includes the heating, cooling and ventilation control systems, lightning, multimedia and appliance control systems, etc.

A smart house is not just controlling the lights and blinds with a phone. A smart house shouldn’t be limited or dependent on the products and support of only one brand. KNX is a worldwide standard that can support the equipment of more than 300 different producers.

Integration of all of the systems of a residence into a KNX system makes a complete smart house.

Lightning control

Developing the lightning installation from scratch and in time simplifies the implementation of an intelligent control system because different types of lightning demand different types of lightning bodies so the control elements are changing as the installation changes

Motors and shades control

It’s an easy way to roll the blinds up or down and to control the position and the quantity of daylight. The system can do all of this automatically for you if you apply the light sensor, which also generates significant energy consumption savings.

Heating and air conditioning control

You can regulate and monitor the temperature with just a tap of your finger! Define the time when the heating/cooling is going to be active because, by analyzing your energy consumption, it is very easy to optimize the heating process in order to minimize the energy loss. All of this is possible to achieve even when you’re not at home.

Irrigation control

You choose when and how often will the sprinkles in your garden turn on. The meteo station enables the system to automatically take care of the irrigation while taking into consideration the humidity, air temperature and the rain quantity.

Thanks to the sensors and the control units which measure the temperature and the rain quantity, spending time and energy for watering the green areas belongs to the history.

Swimming pool system control

Automatize the pool lightning, control the cover or ensure the notifications on the status of the swimming pool technology.

During the construction of the swimming pool project it is important to enable the integration with the KNX system, because that will ensure the undisturbed functioning and timely control over the important parameters of the swimming pool system.