We will customize the lightning control the way you want it!

Along with a reduced electric energy consumption, our solutions give you the opportunity to create the scenes in which you can turn off all of the lights with just a tap of your finger, turn on the “Theater mode”, or activate any combination of lights that you wish.

Developing the lightning installation from scratch and in time simplifies the implementation of an intelligent control system because different types of lightning demand different types of lightning bodies so the control elements are changing as the installation changes.

We are proud to offer you the switches made by renowned producers and we are sure they will please everyone’s taste and budget.

Tense premium switches are made of various materials such as aluminum, cooper, bronze, wood and ceramics..

Tense tipkala

Lithoss handmade switches come in various styles. Among the brad palette of colors you will surely find the one that suits you.

Eelectron is the manufacturer of exclusive KNX push-buttons, switches and thermostats that feature a variety of customizations and high functionality!

Schneider switches’ prices are one of the most inexpensive but that does not limit their offer, which is fairly broad.