Technical security and anti-theft systems

Feel safe in your home thanks to our video surveillance systems and control access.

Our technical security system will notify you on time, by email and push notifications, and additionally, the system will carry out certain actions in cases of water leaks, fires or the following scenarios:

Leaving the home – activating the alarm system, turning off all lights, rolling down shades, setting the temperature to the absent mode, …
Returning home – deactivating the alarm system, turning on the welcome lights, lifting the shades depending on the time of the day, adjusting the temperature to the comfort mode, …

Alarming situation – break-in – lifting the shades, turning on all of the lights, turning on both he outside and the inside siren, creating the panic scenario, …

It is important to mention that the video surveillance system serves, not only for analyzing an event, but also serves as a proactive way to avoid unwanted situations. Modern cameras can identify an attempt of an unauthorized entry and, at the same time, carry out a predefined actions as a first instance of protection before the alarm has been set off, for example, sending an email message and a push notification with a photo included, turning on the lightning and rolling down the shades are the actions that clearly notify the burglar that he has been noticed.

The implementation of an adequate technical security system is the postulate of carefree and safe living. It has been statistically proven that anti-theft systems lower the possibility of attempted burglary up to four times, and they also lower the possibility that the burglar will succeed in his attempt by fourteen times.

Paradox tipkovnica

Integration of all of the systems of a residence into a KNX system makes a complete smart house.